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About Gwyliedydd

It is hoped that readers both old and new will find something of interest in the back issues of the Methodist publication Gwyliedydd which are now accessible on our new website. All issues that had been archived in pdf format from the August/September 2014 edition to the present can be found here and further editions are to be added as time goes on.

The Gwyliedydd goes back a long way, first appearing as a newspaper in 1877. Despite many financial and other difficulties through the years, it is good to see it continue to this day. An important milestone in its history occurred in 1987, when it became a combined magazine and newspaper with lively and interesting content, through the inspired vision (and hard work) of Owain Owain who took over as editor in that year. The Gwyliedydd continues as a Welsh language publication within the new bilingual Synod. It now also has a strong ecumenical focus. As we now have much closer cooperation between Welsh and English speakers and an increasing number of Welsh learners in Wales, both adults and children, an effort is being made to include content that is accessible and of interest to this wider readership. Let us remember the words of John Wesley: ‘It cannot be that the people should grow in grace unless they give themselves to reading’.

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